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Nearly 5 million women are victims of violent acts every year and child/teen abductions are on the rise. Don't be the next statistic.

Welcome to Upper Hand Self Defense!

Learn Self Defense

Don’t be a victim. Statistics show a violent crime is committed every 22.8 seconds and that number is increasing daily. No wonder why people are choosing to protect themselves, their homes and their families. Crimes don’t look at gender, race, age or location. It is critical that you protect yourself, to prevent becoming a part of these statistics.

Learn Self Defense

Predators prey on people “who look weak”; people that don’t fight back. Predators tend to prey more on women, children and the elderly. Upper Hand Self Defense can teach you the skills and techniques to protect yourself, should you fall victim to an attacker. We also provide you with the skills and techniques to boost your self confidence and self awareness.

Ask yourself … If you’re confronted by an attacker, or you’re put in an uncomfortable situation, do you feel confident that you have the skills to protect yourself? Do you have the mentality to survive?

Concealed Weapons Permit & Gun Training

Want to get a gun? We recommend taking a basic gun course before making your first gun purchase. If you already have a gun and wish to get your concealed weapons permit, give us a call!

Two of our top classes:

Hand to Hand Combat Course

Regular Price $100

  • For Women Only!
  • Bring an ID.
  • The students will apply “hands on” defensive techniques.

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Concealed Weapons Permit Course

Regular Price $99

  • This course is designed to meet the standard training requirements set forth by The State of Florida to attain a concealed carry permit.

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NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Florida "k" License Firearms Instructor, Self Defense Instructor, NRA Certified Private Security Firearms Instructor. Learn from the best.